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Welcome to ST PETE AUTO DETAIL, St. Pete's premier destination for expert auto detailing. Located in the heart of St. Petersburg, FL, conveniently located near downtown and next to Bob Lee's Tires. Specializing in advanced chemicals and coatings, we enhance your vehicle's appearance with a showroom-quality shine. Our dedicated team employs cutting-edge techniques and products to ensure exceptional results. Unlike the superficial allure of YouTube and TikTok, our proven track record includes thousands of satisfied local customers. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and achieve your desired results stress-free.
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1. What is auto detailing?
   - Auto detailing involves comprehensive cleaning, restoration, and finishing techniques to enhance a vehicle's appearance inside and out. With over two decades of detailing experience, we've encountered and resolved every imaginable issue, including correcting mistakes made by other detailers.

2. What services do you provide?
   - We offer a variety of services, including exterior wash and wax, interior vacuuming and shampooing, paint correction, ceramic coatings, polishing, scratch removal, well water/hard water removal, overspray and much more.

3. How often should I detail my car?
   - We recommend detailing your car every 4-6 months to maintain its appearance and preserve its value. Most new customers start with our full detail package and maintain it with our wash/vac/wax package. Newer cars or well maintained vehicles usually require our wash/vac/wax package. 

4. What are ceramic coatings, and why are they beneficial?
   - Ceramic coatings provide durable protection against dirt, UV rays, and chemical contaminants, enhancing gloss and reducing maintenance needs. Our detail packages use ceramic waxes/sealants that achieve the same look but are not as durable. 

5. Do you offer mobile detailing services?
   - No. Choosing  a physical auto detail shop over mobile services ensures access to specialized equipment and a controlled environment, guaranteeing meticulous attention to detail and consistent, high-quality results. 

6. Can auto detailing remove scratches and swirl marks?
   - Yes, our paint correction services are designed to effectively remove/improve imperfections and restore your vehicle's paint finish.

7. What should I expect during an auto detailing appointment?
   - Our expert technicians assess your vehicle's condition and recommend personalized services. Experience meticulous attention to detail and outstanding customer service. Typically, drop-off is around 8 AM, with completion shortly after lunch, varying based on your vehicle's needs and chosen package. To streamline the process, ensure your vehicle is free of personal items and arrive promptly for your appointment. 

8. How long does auto detailing take?

  - The duration varies based on service selection and vehicle condition, typically ranging from a few hours to a full day.

9. Are your detailing products safe for my vehicle?
   - Absolutely, we use premium, safe detailing products and techniques that protect your vehicle.

10. Why choose ST PETE AUTO DETAIL over others?
    - As a dedicated owner/operator, we provide exceptional results for every vehicle. We are a licensed and insured local small business with over 100 five-star reviews, providing honest, trustworthy and affordable services.

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